What separates us from the rest?

Suarez Brothers Metal Arts.

A World Class Metal Crafting Since 1953.

More than 50 years in the industry has made an indelible mark for Suarez Brothers, as a trusted name in craftsmanship and excellence in Metal Arts. Since 1953, Suarez Brothers has been the leading choice of the schools and its graduates for its finely crafted college rings as a symbol of achievement and excellence.

Its creativity, innovation and craftsmanship have become synonymous to its name. Indeed pride and honor have never been crafted as creatively and excellently as Suarez Brothers has.


How much detail can I get on my ring?

The amount of detail possible is almost unlimited. It is possible to make detail so fine that would require the aid of a magnifier to recognize.

How do I know the ring size I need?

We have our standard finger ring sizer which you can use. It is advised that you specify the finger and which hand as each finger are not the same in size. Comfort fit is also recommended to allow for some adjustment.

We also have our bar ring sizer which you can insert on your present ring to get its size.

Aside from this, you can download and print our ring sizer and get your size by encircling it around your desired finger.

I ordered the wrong ring size what can I do?

Simply tell us your problem, return the ring and we will have it re-sized.

Why don’t I see prices on your product page?

Each Product of Suarez Brothers is done with meticulousness, precision and personal artistry to bring out a unique beauty all its own. To maintain the quality, each product is custom quoted due to the fluctuating prices of precious metals.

How do I make a payment for customized product order?

If you send your order through our online request form, you will receive a confirmation email on your order with our payment methods.

Are there volume discounts or benefits for group orders?

Absolutely. Our manufacturing costs drop when volume orders are grouped together and we pass on these savings to you.

I am interested in a product that I do not see on your web site. Can you help?

Yes. We have hundreds of other product models that we have not yet put up on our web site. Just contact us and show us a picture of what you are looking for.

Can we supply the material and ask you to cast it into the final product?

No. We guarantee our product material including its karat so we are very particular with our raw material control.

How much is the deposit amount?

It depends on the item order.

What’s the payment term for the orders?

Payments are normally done in cash but  you can also send the payment through BDO, or through Paypal and fax or email us your deposit slip for us to start the production.

Do you accept credit cards,  installment or terms?

Yes, we accept credit cards in straight payment, and  we can accept Lay Away good for 6 months.

How long would it take to finish my order?

It depends on what product you will order. Our products have different lead time.

Do you ship rings to our given address?

Yes, we can ship  with a minimal shipping fee amount.

Can you customize orders?

Usually, with a required minimum order.

When can I get the quotation?

We usually quote you within 24 working hours after we get your inquiry

What is your office hours?

Our main office is  open 8am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday

Mall branches follow mall hours.

Do you have a warranty on your products, especially with the rings?

Yes, we have warranty on the material only.

How to take care of the ring?

If there is a need to wash it, just  use mild soap and water and wipe dry with soft cloth.

Aside from gold what are the other materials you can do?

We have 925 sterling silver and  zadium, aside from the gold which can range from 10,12,14 and 18 karats and can come in yellow, white

and rose color.